Paul Fägerskjöld
5 nov 20218 jan 2022

Detail, Paul Fägerskiöld Gale Crater. Mars. 1st of January 2100. (View East-South-East towards sunset and in direction of Earth), 2021

Paul Fägerskiöld’s paintings remain open, pointing towards the unpredictable. Symbolically speaking, they contemplate the link between the earth, celestial light, and life force by the very act of representing physical nature. They resemble a reversed archaeology as if we are finding something of value just beneath our feet. Like a time capsule, the process may be physical, or something is hidden within layers of memory. Or it may exist in the realm of imagination.

While the compositions appear abstract, without an end or a beginning, the titles are quite accurate locations across the globe. Using the computer software ‘Starry Night’, Fägerskiöld constructs his views of the cosmos. As the exhibition title suggests, the programme calculates views from any location on Earth and nearby galaxies at any date for thousands of years in the past, present, and future. Through simple means, the paintings suggest perspectives, making them readable as encapsulated spacescapes. But when we scrutinize them up close, their seemingly uniform surfaces reveal the countless layers of colours underneath. It is, after all, the absence of light that makes the universe appear infinitely dark.

Kilde: Nils Stærk


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Paul Fägerskjöld
5 nov 20218 jan 2022


'Paul Fägerskjöld'