FOS: Words for Works
15 mar 202411 maj 2024

FOS, (), 2024

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We are pleased to invite you to the opening of FOS’ second solo exhibition with the gallery, Words for Works, on Friday, March 15, from 17:00 to 19:00, at Glentevej 49, Copenhagen. The exhibition is open until Saturday, May 11.

Step into a corridor crafted from hand-colored canvas supported by A-shaped metal rods, surrounded by objects, promising a captivating exploration into the interplay of language, form and materiality. Layers of textiles serve as a backdrop, setting the stage for an immersive experience where words and works intertwine.

The exhibition showcases a diverse array of new works, including pieces on paper, sculptural elements, video installation, and furniture, offering viewers a multifaceted glimpse into FOS’ artistic vision.

The Danish artist FOS’ (Thomas Poulsen, b. 1971) artistic practice is diverse and moves through many genres and materials. It encompasses, in the broadest sense, sculpture, installation, music, architecture, and design. FOS is generally interested in how art can function as an alternative to the systems that normally regulate our behaviour in our civil societies. His art often resides in
social spaces, which enables new possibilities of sociality to arise.

Dette indhold er produceret i samarbejde med et udstillingssted som en del af udstillingstedets Artguide-abonnement hos
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Glentevej 49
2400 København NV

Holbergsgade 19
1057 KBH K


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Tirs-fre 11-17
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Lør 11-15

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FOS: Words for Works
15 mar 202411 maj 2024


'FOS: Words for Works'