Formation Gallery

Formation Gallery. Pressefoto.

The gallery is the sibling gallery to Format Artspace (est. 2013) and both galleries are owned and directed by Anne Riber, who holds a MA in Modern Culture and has worked in both Danish and international art institutions, festivals and galleries the last 15 years.
Formation Gallery shares its space with Gas9Gallery, owned by Christina Wilson, and together the two galleries are run as a gallery collective with shared openings and side.-by-side exhibitions. Every year the two galleries present a co-lab show to underline the strong collaborative character of the galleries.
Formation presents 7-8 exhibitions a year.

Formation Gallery

Gasværksvej 9,
1656 København V


40 89 42 24

ons-tors 12-17
fre 12-18
lør 12-15


'Formation Gallery'