Young-jun Tak: Wish You a Lovely Sunday
6 maj 20235 nov 2023

Young-jun: 01WYLS. Foto: Anders Norrsell, Wanås Konst.


Wish You a Lovely Sunday is South-Korean artist  Young-jun Tak’s premiere solo presentation in Sweden. The exhibition borrows its title from the film installation on view in the Hay Barn. To make this work, two choreographers and two dancers were paired to create choreographies for the church “Kirche am Südstern” and the queer club “SchwuZ” in Berlin. After they rehearsed and completed the dance sequences, the artist swapped the designated venues without giving prior notice. Moving between sites of religious worship and queer culture, the film forms a collage, juxtaposing seemingly opposite environments which both function as spaces of communal refuge. The film was made during the pandemic and continuously interweaves scenes from these disparate architectural environments, creating an intimate view of bodies and choreographies adjusting to unforeseen contexts.

Young-jun Tak (born in 1989 in Seoul, South Korea) makes sculptures, installations and films that examine how belief systems and behaviors are shaped by socio-cultural and psychological underpinnings. Tak has had solo exhibitions at Overgaden (Copenhagen, 2023), Efremidis (Berlin, 2022), Sox (Berlin, 2022) and Fragment (Moscow, 2021). He participated in international exhibitions such as the Lyon Biennale (2022), the Berlin Biennale (2020) and the Istanbul Biennial (2017) among many others. He has a B.A. in English Literature and Cross-cultural studies from Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

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Young-jun Tak: Wish You a Lovely Sunday
6 maj 20235 nov 2023


'Young-jun Tak: Wish You a Lovely Sunday'