YOU ARE INVITED: Odun Orimolade: Kalo Kalo
23 nov 201725 nov 2017

Lilith’s 10th anniversary continues with the third performance dinner.

Odun Orimolade proceeds from the social and the ritual games that are part of a dinner party when she is hosting the Lilith Performance Studio’s third performance dinner as a part of the 10th anniversary. A traditional dinner is about hosting, sharing of your self, orchestrating reactions, perceptions and ushering the invited guests towards the predetermined goal of the host, whatever it may be.

In Odun Orimolade’s performance Kalo Kalo, suspenseful and other times ritual like parlor games are played, where randomness determines what happens and who participates. Ten “selves” – multiple individuals of the host lead the participants through the games and the ritual patterns. Kalo Kalo is Nigerian – Yoruba term that refers to gambling with uncertain output.

Odun Orimolade’s (b. 1976 works and lives in Lagos, Nigeria) practice spans a broad artistic field incorporating drawing, installation, mixed media and performance among other explorations. Several of her works clearly turns the spotlight toward the viewer challenging his/her active, passive role when experiencing the work.

In 2015 Orimolade created the performance Spirits at the Ball at Lilith Performance Studio, where her point of departure was the 18th century ball, to engage the events before, during and after the Berlin Conference of 1884-85. Spirits at the Ball is best described as a fantasy of sorts, amusing but with a serious undertone, which reflects on the conference and its impact.

Lilith’s 10th Anniversary Celebration is a series of performances titled – YOU ARE INVITED, followed by the artists subtitle, running from September to December, all with the same starting point: A dinner. Each artist is free to interpret what a dinner party may be.


The invited artists are:
Dafna Maimon (Israel / Finland) 22-24 September
Myriam Laplante (Canada) 12-14 October
Odun Orimolade (Nigeria) 23-25 November
The Icelandic Love Corporation (Iceland) 14-16 December

The dinners are open to everyone, depending on availability.

Book your ticket(s) by mailing to: or send a text message to +46 (0)768112616. Write you name and date and how many tickets you want.

Admission: Pay what you wish.

The ticket(s) must be paid after you have received a confirmation, so that the booking will be valid.
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YOU ARE INVITED: Odun Orimolade: Kalo Kalo
23 nov 201725 nov 2017


'YOU ARE INVITED: Odun Orimolade: Kalo Kalo'