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Lilith Performance Studio is a non-profit arts organization and an independent arena for visual art performance established 2007 by the artists and curators Elin Lundgren & Petter Pettersson.
The Studio commissions and initiates new major visual art performances by inviting visual artists from around the world, some of whom have never worked live before.

Each year, commissioned artists are given the unique opportunity to realize and present a new large-scale performance on site in the studio in Malmo, or elsewhere in the city, during a longer period of time and in close collaboration with the studio.
The invited artists get a great chance to explore their own artistic expression and to work in a larger scale including all aspects in creating a new art work. The artists are encouraged to expand their artistic vision through the use of live performance, resulting in unique productions. During a production period in Malmo the artists are given a good opportunity to focus on all the parts of a live piece: site, time, staging, participants and audience.

A Lilith Commission artist will receive significant financial and production support to experiment and realize innovative new works, in close collaboration with the studio from conceptualization to presentation.

Since the inception 2007, Lilith Performance Studio has commissioned and produced over 55 major performances, and done several curatorial collaborations, guest appearances and art events and festivals, both internationally and in Sweden. As a production space and an arena for visual art performance, the studio is the first of its kind in the world.
The studio founded and run by the artists and Artistic Directors /curators Elin Lundgren and Petter Pettersson.

The studio is located in an old industrial space, originally constructed for one of the cities former textile factories located in the south part of the city center of Malmo, Sweden.

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Lilith Performance Studio

Bragegatan 15 / Ystadvägen 22
214 30 Malmö


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'Lilith Performance Studio'