20 maj 201625 jun 2016

Reader isn’t an exhibition about books, but rather about the variety of ways in which we interact with books.


The works included emphasize the same possibilities: looking, reading, browsing, skimming, studying and living alongside. I think books are defined not only by their functionality as carriers of information, but also, and often more so, by their status as physical objects—how much space they take up in a room, what color they are, and what is sitting next to, on top of, or beside them.

Books are also defined by their ability to be many things at once; they may be new but include ancient information, they may be inexpensive but claim to make you rich. Their meaning, importance, and relevance are always tied to context; who is reading, how they are reading, and where they are reading, will always dictate the way in which books are read.

Though the artists’ practices in this exhibition vary widely, I chose to include most not because they exclusively make art with or about books, but because they make work which encourages multiple readings, perspectives, and intentions.

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