Marco Paul Lorenzetti: Signs of Fall
18 nov 20232 dec 2023

Marco Lorenzetti, The First Day and the Third

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Marco Paul Lorenzetti’s new body of work explore our current relationship to the natural world and address an unequivocal need for realigning ourselves with nature and its intrinsic and irreplaceable value. Engaging in a free flowing painterly dialogue on the subject with Henri Matisse, Carroll Dunham and Edvard Munch aided Paul Lorenzetti in creating the four new works presented in Signs of Fall. It allowed him to adopt a painterly approach and to articulate himself freely, releasing the constrains of a subject-object duality. Creating work more intuitively, gestures, colors, composition and content merge into one.

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Marco Paul Lorenzetti: Signs of Fall
18 nov 20232 dec 2023


'Marco Paul Lorenzetti: Signs of Fall'