Kwamie Liv: Draw the Line
4 okt 20192 nov 2019

Alice Folker Gallery is pleased to present Draw the Line, the first solo exhibition by the Danish-Zambian artist Kwamie Liv.

Kwamie Liv: Untitled, 2019.

Kwamie Liv is a storyteller working with the instant drawing and direct communication articulated in the meeting point between her body, imagination and the world. As formulated by the French philosopher Michel Serres, drawing is an act of sensing the skin of the world. In the hands of Kwamie Liv this approach is activated, turning drawing into a momentary touch from which perception and understanding of the world and the self gradually are formed. By sculpting the raw ink on the white space, she transforms the imagined into cartoonish stories of everyday situations.

Behind the comic and delicate lines, the scenes offer light reflections on heavy issues, which often revolve around relationships and socio-cultural structures. At stake is a contemporary rebellious voice against the view and expectations of female ideals and behaviour. Not only do her female figures unpretentiously seize life with a nonchalant cigarette and a glass of wine in their hands, they defend their imperfections and individual autonomy while proposing new outcomes by humorously twisting recognizable situations. By this, Kwamie Liv’s drawings are gestures of tribute to the act of drawing the line, both materially and in our social life. Tributes that leave us with a liberating smile.

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Kwamie Liv: Draw the Line
4 okt 20192 nov 2019


'Kwamie Liv: Draw the Line'