Josefine Winding: Rose City (Arden Asbæk Gallery)
1 mar 2024

Josephine Winding. Foto: Pernille Greve.

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Rose City takes its starting point in Petra, known as Rose City, a historic and archaeological city, characterized by its rock-cut architecture and rose-colored sandstone. The city, which has played a central role in the Abrahamic religions, is in a valley surrounded by a wall of sandstone from which temples and tombs emerge. Above the entrances to these tombs, you will find the symbol of a staircase carved into the wall. The staircase symbolizes the soul’s journey through life as well as the afterlife, and in her exhibition Danish sculptor Josefine Winding draws inspiration from this ancient site.

The work of Winding holds a characteristic timelessness in their form as well as in their inherent sense of balance. The current exhibition features several of her most recent wall sculptures, which – like the city of Petra – appears as if carved form the exhibition’s walls. And while Winding’s recent work continues to be non-figurative, a few recurring symbols such as the eye and the sun appear imprinted in the work. The artist describes how Petra left an imprint of the past in her practice, both foreign and part of our collective visual repertoire. And while these symbols are each loaded with meaning, Winding stresses that it is the transfer of energy across time that fascinates her, the notion that nothing ever really passes away.

Josefine Winding is a Danish sculptor, who has attended Kunstskolen Spektrum. Winding creates three-dimensional and non-figurative works meant to be seen from all angles. The works, which are both geometrical and organic, can be anywhere between fifteen and two-hundred centimeters tall, and their tactility is due to the grainy putty applied by hand on their surface. Josefine Winding has exhibited numerous times and was in 2019 nominated as Arts and Craftsman of the Year at Design Awards.

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Josefine Winding: Rose City (Arden Asbæk Gallery)
1 mar 2024


'Josefine Winding: Rose City (Arden Asbæk Gallery)'