Geoff McFetridge: The Organic Interface
24 aug 202323 sep 2023

GEOFF MCFETRIDGE, The Organic Interface, 2023. Acrylic on canvas 127 x 101 cm

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Geoff McFetridge’s new body of work in The Organic Interface explores a concept that has been a constant source of inspiration and contemplation for the artist: How can images explain and communicate thoughts that are in between our understandings. On their way to some destination, traveling, transforming, evolving, becoming.

“The things I like to draw, paint and sculpt seem beyond me. They feel like they are resolving some thinking, or
philosophy, that I’m not even aware of. Drawing for me is about starting somewhere and then moving into the unknown. Most of the work in this exhibition started with a simple proposition: our relationship to the natural world” – Geoff McFetridge, 2023

The works in The Organic Interface engage in an intuitive visual contemplation of our relationship to the natural world; around, above, below and beyond us. Is it there, solely to provide us with nourishment, wealth and entertainment? Or do we partake in a larger interdependent and interconnected system. Questions regarding consciousness, intelligence, empathy, being, ethics, freedom, and responsibility emanate from this group of work.

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Geoff McFetridge: The Organic Interface
24 aug 202323 sep 2023


'Geoff McFetridge: The Organic Interface'