Cristina de Miguel: About Last Night
3 jun 202312 aug 2023

Åbner snart
CRISTINA DE MIGUEL: The ryhtm of the night, 2023. Pressefoto, V1 Gallery.


De Miguel is curious about our bodies in painting. How they physically express social interactions, liberation or anxieties. Body talk. Postures that communicate beyond shape. In de Miguel’s decentred paintings oil stick is often used to accentuate visual sentiments. Content and application of paint are interdependent in the works and one does not take precedence over the other. In this manner the paintings feel autonomous.

About Last Night consists of eight paintings and is an ode to freedom. The sensation you get when you do activities that makes you feel free, be it dancing, yoga, surfing, running, skating, meditating, watching the sun rise or painting. The euphoria of being present in the moment. Freedom in form and being.

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Cristina de Miguel: About Last Night
3 jun 202312 aug 2023
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'Cristina de Miguel: About Last Night'