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Anbefalet under Det skal du se! uge 39
“Between dream and reality, I am awakened. Its dark outside, the rumbling of the bus trying to pull me back to sleep. We just crossed the border from Germany to Denmark. The lights are making a collected effort to shake all of us out of our dreams, while turtles in black uniforms are walking down the aisles yelling for passports and tickets. When the landscape starts moving again, the silhouettes of the former residents of the bus are contained by a cone of orange, as I fall asleep in the country between dreams.”

Daniel Hopp’s AGGRO ASYL has an important role as statement on the history of German rap as tool to form an identity and as a counter offensive against clichés and fear. It is provocative in a way that makes everyone secretly sensationalist say something very stupid. Also, we will be screening his new movie PARADIES. It will be shown at 6 pm and again at 9 pm.

We do not want to negate in what kind of space we are showing WHEN WE RULE:
Julienne Timm’s work constructs a bridge between the adaptation of different painting architectures and the diversity of a past and future. Thus, a metaphor.

Daniel Hopp: AGGRO ASYL, screenshot
Daniel Hopp: AGGRO ASYL, screenshot

Also with Andre Mulzer:
“Mysa is actually a Swedish born, Berlin based artist, who studied in Hamburg the fine arts and dirty dishes as well. In a way he is working between borders. Pretending to be your favorite Electropop singer/songwriter. Pretending to be a selfmade, world traveling, handsome and smart performance artist with important fellowships as ultra bling bling necklaces. Building very beautiful contemporary fine art surface walls and destroying it in the same move. He can let beautiful flowers grow out of the trash by chance (the power of imagination). What is dream what is reality? We will see.” Performances will be shown at 7:30 and 10 pm.

Kilde: TONENTON artspace

TONENTON artspace

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