Terry Haggerty: Shapes from the Edge
13 jan 202416 mar 2024

Two paintings in the making at the studio of Terry Haggerty in Oregon

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Having been on a journey over the last few months, trying to get out of his comfort zone, painting has served as a vehicle or passage for the British artist, leading him to rediscover the rectangular canvases whilst allowing more openness, translucidity, momentum, and a broader color palette than ever before. Moreover, for the first time, Haggerty introduces new “problems,” as he refers to the overlapping lines in his recent paintings. Despite their high opacity, the physical quality of Haggerty’s painted shapes creates an impression of transparency, where ribbons of color overlap and are stretched and pulled across space, generating complex illusions of volume and depth.
Terry Haggerty (*1970) lives and works in Eugene, USA

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Terry Haggerty: Shapes from the Edge
13 jan 202416 mar 2024


'Terry Haggerty: Shapes from the Edge'