Sarah McNulty: CLUBTAN
1 dec 201631 dec 2016

For the first project at Amager Film Lab, Sarah McNulty has been working with various paints, light-reactive inks, dairy and other household DIY materials, painting the surface of the windows and the interior of the space. Considering heat, collapse and the local surroundings, the shifts in visibility throughout the day offer an unstable, moving surface on which to make and view painting.

Following the first opening 3 December, where the works were viewed in the space unlit, using the surrounding street activity and light as a means of projecting inside, the upcoming event will take place from an alternative view across Amager Boulevard. On this evening the show will be lit from the inside of Amager Film Lab so that the space functions as a type of lightbox, transmitting the painting to the outside.
A text by Flore Nové-Josserand accompanies the show, available on a silkscreen print when visiting the show.


Please join us at Boulevard Bodega, Amager Boulevard 129 (opposite Amager Film Lab), 10 December from 19:00-21:00.

The exhibition is on view for the whole of December 2016, visible from the street at all times
and can also be seen by appointment outside of the scheduled openings.

Kilde: Amager Film Lab.

Amager Film Lab

Amager Boulevard 126
2300 København S

Sarah McNulty: CLUBTAN
1 dec 201631 dec 2016


'Sarah McNulty: CLUBTAN'