PORCELAIN PLUS: Nordli + Manz + Göransson
8 feb 202029 feb 2020

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The exhibition PORCELAIN PLUS – Nordli + Manz + Göransson is a material-oriented exhibition where the potential of porcelain for artistic statements is

Officinet porcelain plus

demonstrated by three Nordic virtuosos. It is a contemporary exhibition that addresses current and traditional artistic issues.

Irene Nordli‘s (N) point of departure is the porcelain figurine. It has undergone a development, where figurative elements peek out in large organic accumulations. Her use of the material is dramatic, suggesting intuitive emotional outbursts and offering glimpses of human body parts. The result is a contemporary ceramic sculpture with references to traditional porcelain figurines.

Bodil Manz (DK) generally explores ‘the vessel’ in her work. The exhibition shows her latest porcelain cylinders – paper-thin, with sharp geometric decorations and a subtle perforation that opens the body up to reveal the interior space. Through her longstanding work with porcelain Bodil Manz has developed a unique sense of the material’s capacity and poetic presence.

Mia E Göransson (S) works within the still-life tradition. Based on her vast library of moulds she casts elements, which are then stacked and combined to form abstract scenes in delicate colours. Her work addresses the sculptor’s classic focus on contrasts: soft vs. hard, figurative vs. abstract. Mia’s tableaux form ceramic landscapes with references to nature and industry.

The exhibition is curated by Køppe Contemporary Objects.

Kilde: Officinet


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Tir-søn 12-16

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PORCELAIN PLUS: Nordli + Manz + Göransson
8 feb 202029 feb 2020


'PORCELAIN PLUS: Nordli + Manz + Göransson'