30 apr 202225 sep 2022

Per Wizen: Work in progress, 2022. Pressefoto.

In this exhibition, Moderna Museet Malmö presents new works by Per Wizén (b. 1966). The pieces were created in the wake of a journey back into the artist’s own childhood that was set off by his discovery of some long-forgotten Disneyland magazines from the 1970s in an attic.

Through the lens of popular cultural images, Wizén invites us into some colorful fantasies based on Disney´s versions of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. The two characters have in common that they confront worlds that lie beyond the known, the illuminated, the rational – worlds of opportunity but also of darkness. As always in Wizén’s complex artistry, these new works are intimately linked with earlier ones, delving deeper into certain themes.

The large-scale photographs are based on collages made up of tens of thousands of image fragments or pieces arranged by the artist in an extremely complex and time-consuming processes. New worlds are created based on existing images. Adventure stories and a return to his own childhood form layers in these new works, but beneath the innocent and playful surfaces lurks something disconcerting.

Wizén’s working method relies on a strict set of self-imposed rules, precision, and great patience. In the course of working with his collages, Wizén keeps the whole of the new picture in mind while simultaneously concentrating on the details. The process may be compared to deep meditations that open the door for something unexpected and dark to emerge – something the intellect cannot grasp. It is there beyond the words that the artist’s world and the viewer’s world meet.

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30 apr 202225 sep 2022