Søren Thilo Funder: Oceanic Horror (Afholdes hos Portfolio X, Bredgade 71)
25 aug 202323 sep 2023

Image: Søren Thilo Funder, Cable ITCH (I don’t wanna work at Island no more). Courtesy the artist.

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SixtyEight is pleased to invite you to a two part exhibition, which presents Danish artist Søren Thilo Funder’s PhD project Oceanic Horror – or How to Survive the Night in the Haunted Mansion of Absolute Capitalism. The artistic result of this research project will be shown in parallel at two venues, bringing together different trans-realistic narratives that revolve around the realm of high frequency trading, financialization and horror fiction in a multi-channel video installation.

At Portfolio X the core of the installation will articulate the key concerns of Funder’s PhD research, exploring the potential of utilizing the genre of horror fiction to create new narratives in a political and time-based artistic practice, and the temporal qualities and entanglements of the horror genre and how these relate in strange ways, not only to our current tempor(e)ality, but also to art practices that use the temporal as material. The research project searches for a certain condition found in horror fiction, which relates to its relentless nowness, a proposed prolonging of this now and its relation to the event and the quasi-event. And finally, how horror fiction wants to do things to the body — not only in a simple reaction mode, but in the very temporality experienced in and by the body.

Dette indhold er produceret i samarbejde med et udstillingssted som en del af udstillingstedets Artguide-abonnement hos kunsten.nu.
Kunsten.nus uafhængige redaktion har intet at gøre med indholdet.

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Søren Thilo Funder: Oceanic Horror (Afholdes hos Portfolio X, Bredgade 71)
25 aug 202323 sep 2023


'Søren Thilo Funder: Oceanic Horror (Afholdes hos Portfolio X, Bredgade 71)'