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Niels Otto, ‘Darkest City’, 2023: An immersive installation in a dark room, where an arrangement of lasers and spot lights creates reflective patterns on the walls and throughout the space — a precursor to his latest in-situ installation at TITLED.

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TITLED presents Niels Otto’s exhibition, “BRIGHTEST CITY”. This work employs artificial light as a medium for sculptural expression. Niels Otto’s approach activates light in a way that transforms space and alters the visitor’s perception of the object’s physical presence. The installation radiates light that spills into the street.

In “BRIGHTEST CITY,” Niels Otto creates an immersive environment where light, passing through various shapes of glass, forms patterns from everyday objects. These ever-changing patterns prompt the viewer to seek out familiar shapes within them, much like one does when gazing at cloud formations. This dynamic visual experience invites contemplation on the role of artificial lighting in our urban life and its impact on our surroundings and wellbeing.

This installation uses light as an intangible material that can be manipulated and sculpted. Niels Otto explores light in its various forms – colour, shadow, natural and artificial illumination, and projection – to transition his sculpture from an object to an environment.

The materials in ‘BRIGHTEST CITY’ show a conscious decision for sustainability by using recycled elements discarded by others. Controlled LED lights, recycled glass, fluorescent tubes, foil, household spotlights and lamps sourced from flea markets and thrift shops speak of a commitment to environmental awareness.

“BRIGHTEST CITY”, visible at all hours to art enthusiasts and casual passers-by alike, encourages a conversation about our relationship with artificial light and its presence in contemporary urban settings.

Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM, and by appointment

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Ægirsgade 4C, Nørrebro, København

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2 feb 20247 mar 2024