Morten Buch: NUOVO
5 apr 202425 maj 2024

Morten Buch, Hive, 2024. 200 x 250cm. Photography by Hans Ole Madsen

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“The objects in Buch’s still lifes take the path of abstraction and act essentially like the forms of language. The Danish artist imagines his still lifes as amalgams of forms: for this reason, Buch has worked with the most diverse media, from drawing to painting, passing through sculpture, always with an experimental attitude, and always considering the various expressions as moments of transition from one to the other: sometimes paintings are ideas from which sculptures might arise, while at other times, on the contrary, sculptures are bases from which paintings come to be, and so on, opening up the widest possible horizon of experiences to the viewer. In recent years he has taken up marble, in some cases used as a table, a two-dimensional structure on which the artist re-proposes the tools typical of his paintings. A simple, immediate, spontaneous sign that, rather than being traced with a brush, is imprinted on the marble surface with a felt tip pen, and later carved and filled with resin. In other cases, the marble lends itself to three-dimensional sculptures, provoking the observer, challenging them to try to recognise the form.”

Excerpt from exhibition text by Federico Giannini, editor-in-chief of Finestre sull’Arte translated from Italian by Rasmus L. Bojesen

Dette indhold er produceret i samarbejde med et udstillingssted som en del af udstillingstedets Artguide-abonnement hos
Kunsten.nus uafhængige redaktion har intet at gøre med indholdet.

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Morten Buch: NUOVO
5 apr 202425 maj 2024


'Morten Buch: NUOVO'