Mads Hilbert: Verdure
9 mar 202427 apr 2024

Mads Hilbert, Bed / Flowerbed, 2024

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Enter the green. Over the threshold into the painting. Through the painting into a verdant sea. Enclosed by vegetation. Dormant, sprouting, bolting, lush and dying. Endless cycles.

Paintings as flower beds. Seasonal. Earthworms, flower onions, moist soil, weeds, butterflies, seeds, bright and murky hues of organic matter ingrained in the canvas.

Take the short cut. Through the green gates. Into the cemetery, the park, the botanical garden. Cultured nature. City nature. Letting your eyes breathe momentarily. A quick holistic fix when wild woods and wide grasslands are not readily available. A transformation of historical intentions, functions and images. Renegotiating park culture. In awe of nature doing nature. The tree doesn’t care; it keeps growing.

Paintings as portals. Momentarily engulfed by the sensation of vegetation. Photosynthesis on canvas. Pigment and light. Blooming. Figures wrapped in tapestries of foliage. Compositions becoming and unraveling simultaneously. Vibrating continuously.

Mads Hilbert (b.1993, Helsinge, Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen and is undertaking his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) at the Funen Art Academy, Odense.

Recent exhibitions include OUTPOST gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2023, Pt2 Gallery, Oakland, USA, 2023; OUTPOST, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2022; Albert Contemporary, Odense, Denmark, 2022; A Mon Avis, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2021; K19, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2021; Galleri Sandberg, Odense, Denmark, 2021; OUTPOST, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2020. Verdure is Mads Hilbert’s first solo exhibition with V1 Gallery and the inaugural exhibition of V1 Gallery 44D. A catalogue will be available on occasion of the exhibition.

V1 på Slagtehusgade 44D

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Mads Hilbert: Verdure
9 mar 202427 apr 2024


'Mads Hilbert: Verdure'