Luka Kurashvili: Shouting Quiet Moments
6 okt 202311 nov 2023

Luka Kurashvili, Blue bar, 2023

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For the exhibition Shouting quiet moments Luka Kurashvili present large scale paintings where strong contrasting colors set the mood for everyday scenes of deep conversations and social situations. Despite their elaborate nature, the works have a quiet, sensitive feeling about them as they zoom in on small character groups sharing intimate moments in abstract environments reminiscent of bars, elevators, and street corners. Here they find a quiet moment away from the noise. Lukashvili’s work makes the eye zoom in on the relations – the characters’ particular gestures and body language, and on oddly added objects. There are wine glasses, thrown empty bottles, plastic cups and a banana peel, lots of cigarettes and animals running free – all props that give the works characteristics and the feeling of impermanence, like the moment could be missed if we do not pay close attention. This way of storytelling can be traced to how Kurashvili works and gathers material. With his sketchbook and camera, he is always ready to catch the fleeting, subtle everyday, but important moments that tell us much about the human experience. A special viewpoint and perspective that we are happy he shares with us all in the gallery.

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Wilson Saplana

Vesterbrogade 6D, København V, 1620 Denmark

ons-fre 12-18
lør 12-16

Luka Kurashvili: Shouting Quiet Moments
6 okt 202311 nov 2023


'Luka Kurashvili: Shouting Quiet Moments'