Kaja Lahoda og Clara Busch (ABSINTH)
18 aug 202323 sep 2023

Kaja Lahodah, Neuron Bouquet, 2023. 3D-printed plant-based UV resin, glass, water

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The exhibition Neuronbouquet brings together works by Clara Busch and Kaja Lahoda, who are exhibiting together for the first time. Busch’s works often take their starting point as images, but in her latex works the field between painting and sculpture is expanded. Here, the latex’s drying time and many layers are used actively when working with motifs in the depth of the material instead of working on the surface. Lahoda primarily works with sculptures and installations, where everyday objects and traces from her surroundings are juxtaposed and combined with sculpturally crafted materials. Method and choice of materials play a central role in the questions investigated in both Lahoda’s and Busch’s practice, where language, matter and images become meaningful through their relations.
In Busch’s works, intimacy and the experience of being a body rather than an image are explored. The latex appears as an almost skin-like material that, in Busch’s context, has been moulded after a towel and a skirt, which forms the texture for the experimental paintings. Busch’s charcoal drawings, on the other hand, move at once further away and closer to inner space, with the abstract intimate cosmologies of the drawings, which are anchored in the ground with titles such as The Poppies’ Lawn.

Lahoda’s works often examine evolutionary entanglements, and interdependence, and speculate on connections and hidden ties across time and place. In the exhibition, many of her works are the result of digitally distorted illustrations and stories about the interrelationship between plants and people. Here monoculture is haunted by mycelium, intestines and mutations in the cereal motifs which Lahoda has printed with copper plates that were etched by a CNC machine. In her 3D-printed flower bouquet that is hardened using UV light, the tree metaphors of neurology get serious, as the plants’ shaping of our consciousness is pointed out.

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Kaja Lahoda og Clara Busch (ABSINTH)
18 aug 202323 sep 2023


'Kaja Lahoda og Clara Busch (ABSINTH)'