Ivan Murzin: Where can I study the glass bead game?
9 dec 201710 dec 2017

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Ceresbyen 1A is happy to invite you to the opening of the exhibition Where can I study the glass bead game? by Ivan Murzin (RU).

Ivan Murzin is a russian artist currently working and studying in Frankfurt am Main. For the opening Ivan will cook russian borsjtj for everyone serving at around 7 pm.

“This project is a retrospective of a young artist from the Städelschule, who was working there for years, but was never enrolled as a student.
I met Eduard half a year ago. He was working in the kitchen of the Academy, observing the life of the students from within; he tried to learn art from the backstage. I was close to the midway of my education, was thinking about a way of teaching the next generation of artists, and my possible role in it. Eduard just failed his another attempt to pass the entry exam to the Städelschule, so I decided to start an experiment, and turn myself into his professor.”

“Before arriving to Germany, Eduard was sailing on a fishing vessel. His background, his temper, his way of thinking and speech reminded me of a character from the beginning of the XX century. I prepared an Art History course for him starting with the Avant-garde. Soon, inspired by Moholy-Nagy and Man Ray, Eduard started working with photograms…”

Eduard Teachev, Youth Art Biennale, Academiae, Franzensfeste/Fortezza, South Tyrol, Italy.
Foto: Ivan Murzin

“Presented work includes: photograms, objects, photography, archives and video, produced by Eduard in the course of the last six months.
During that time I was making videos of him, interviews and observing his life and work. The result of this documentation became a film.”

“This is an exploration of borders between subjects of art education and the development of an artist as a project. I am a student, who was a professor for a student who wasn’t a student. This was a game and dialog between the real artist and the invented character.”

Opening Sat 9th December 6.00 – 9.00 pm. Borsjtj served 7.00 pm. Film screening 8.00 pm.
Open Sun 10th 4.00 – 9.00 pm. Film screening 8.00 pm.

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Ivan Murzin: Where can I study the glass bead game?
9 dec 201710 dec 2017


'Ivan Murzin: Where can I study the glass bead game?'