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The field of imaginary sciences has grown remarkably, with new subfields constantly emerging, in the societal structure which Piscine addresses as The Terrain.

Imagineering. Pressefoto

Originating from the field of imaginary production, our organisation has developed into Piscine Think Tank. Piscine Think Tank strives towards the goal of solving problems between The User and The Terrain through the application of new technological developments.

Our fields of specialisation are as follows:

/ Imagineering: We do imaginary engineering as well as the engineering of imagination.

/ Autoerotic: We use desire as our main driving force behind the development of our machines.

/ Body Schema: The body is the greatest of all machines. We use its mechanical principles in the development of new machines.

/ Technology: The logic of techné is applied to our original Imagineering.

We cordially invite you to attend Imagineering, a string of proposals for machine concepts displayed at Adult, Copenhagen.

Please follow this link for our promotion video.

Kilde: Adult / Piscine


Sankt Peders Stræde 10, kld. th.
1453 København K

Ons-fre 15-18
Lør 13-16


26 78 87 36

13 okt 201730 okt 2017