Gruppeudstilling: Laying under the hot shade of the mad song
28 maj 20216 jun 2021

Julius Hofmann: Luca’ Serde, 2021.

Katri Paunu (b.1993, De) is a finnish artist currently living in Oslo, Norway. She works with ceramics, often in combination with raw or living materials. Through her experimental processes Paunu looks into the layered stories these materials convey, as well as their intricate relation to our senses.
Paunu’s artistic interest lies in animism and the posthuman view. She searches for a deeper sense of our surroundings and fellow creatures. Her sculptural installations create a meeting point of these ideas and materials.

Shai Yehezkelli (b.1979, ISR) is an Israeli artist, living and working in Tel Aviv. His practice includes drawing and painting, combining Jewish symbolism with Christian imagery and intersects European myths with myths of Zionism and the Diaspora, all submerged in a contemporary, Middle Eastern exoticism. However, he avoids romanticizing this religious aspect and is more interested in its contemporary incarnation. His aesthetic may bring to mind “bad painting”, not in terms of painterly approach but rather due to a formal roughness and sloppiness. He usually fills the canvas with bold colors and swift brushstrokes, in a style that was described as “ instinctive, bulimic and obsessive”. The load, however, is not redundant; on the contrary – he’s interested in the minimum possible for a painting to become.

Julius Hofmann (b. 1983, DE) Hofmann’s distinct style simultaneously evokes the great primordial soup of the digital age as well as the looming future of virtual reality. This vintage video game aesthetic is a point of temporal convergence that facilitates the purification of form, which, in turn, foregrounds the emotive and narrative dimensions of his work. At the same time, it scrutinizes the human animal itself and its evolution into a socially predetermined cyborg existence.

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Gruppeudstilling: Laying under the hot shade of the mad song
28 maj 20216 jun 2021


'Gruppeudstilling: Laying under the hot shade of the mad song'