FSC SOLO SESSION #5 – Anders Hergum: Back Out Out Back
1 dec 20161 dec 2016

Artist comment slightly off-key:

Wake up, wake up, wake up it is the 1st of the month, December 2016

Welcome to another late night tale. You are invited to enjoy an easy-going solo session with all its attitude and expression. It is a one-night thing.

The key to instant bliss is wearing warm clothes and a smile, for it is indeed an outdoors occasion. Bring your favourite mittens to embrace FSC’s homebrewed beer and warm glühwein. Feel free to be clever and insulate your sturdy shoes with a pair of thick woollen soles. Don’t sport ankle socks like some flat inner city degenerate. This is out back. If you like to dress sharp, slightly whacky, make a suit of Rockwool.

“Back Out Out Back” takes place in FSC’s garage and garden. The brick layered gallery with its grey concrete flooring and white painted walls lit up by fluorescence, give shelter to sculptures roughly the height of a chair. You may sit on the make shift benches outside in the garden, but the sculptures do not accommodate such behaviour. Images are likely to be glued to the wall. If so they are one with the structure simply because they sit on it. Most likely there are other things going on, but not everything is for online pleasure.

Help drink the glühwein and come have a look for yourself. Music will be played to keep hips moving side to side.

I’ll make an effort to arrive punctually knowing that is how you succeed in life. Do the right thing. I wish I had an aptitude for walking cross-country. I lost my footing so I decided to focus on the leg, the lower leg…

Anders Hergum (NO) recently completed his MFA @ the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

@ FSC Anders will try out new works that serve as prosthetics for the venue’s environment, both the garage and garden.



1 day
1 show
1 hourish opening
1 bar
1 drink
1 interview
1 publication
1 good time

exchanging and expanding

To open up for a more instant and individual test zone.

To grab what is lying around
in the virtual / mental / physical / real / unreal
studio mindset.

To work with the place and space
to test out something/ nothing /everything

undone / redone / continuation
or some sort of rehearsal

@ FSC location in the cold autumn/winter around the hot fire

as a lab
for instant and fast interventions,
An ultra temporary real life experience

the always open
& untold stories

ONE total / TWO totals

Kilde: Future Suburban Contemporary

FSC SOLO SESSION #5 – Anders Hergum: Back Out Out Back
1 dec 20161 dec 2016


'FSC SOLO SESSION #5 – Anders Hergum: Back Out Out Back'