FSC BATTLE #5: Biggest Bedroom Worries
18 sep 20162 okt 2016

The past coming futures,

the digitally enchanted knowledge

collapsing into objects and transformes into shapes.


The world so different, waiting for the realities to fill the gaps.


The post digital era presented

and wrapped in glossy and smooth surfaces,

shining and blinking from screens,

stretched and bent

out of realities and cross fitted

for the better.


For the real treatment,

or some other type of fake real.



On that double styrofoam cup

with jollys at the bottom.

Waiting for that

Rusty Revenge



Marian Luft (based in Leipzig) and Ivan Pérard (based in Copenhagen & Wien) will engage in the 5th Art BATTLE in Future Suburban Contemporary.

In an intertwinedcooperation with FSC, the two artists will plan, prepare, fight and execute an experiment, a social exchange, and create a collaborative exhibition, a publication and brew a beer together..

The base of concept of each FSC art battle is to create the platform of exchange between the artists/art and the real place of this exchanges. FSC sees every project as new bridges stretching out and binding together common visual/mental/physical knowledge and interactions. The battles is not solely about planning and execute the shows, but to bring good people together, to create new cooperations that expand the individual work into something bigger.

Kilde: Future Suburban Contemporary

FSC BATTLE #5: Biggest Bedroom Worries
18 sep 20162 okt 2016


'FSC BATTLE #5: Biggest Bedroom Worries'