Fredrik Strid: Making Nature
21 mar 202422 sep 2024

Detail from All Birds of Sweden, 2018–2024. Photo: Emma Krantz / Skissernas Museum

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The artist Fredrik Strid has been incorporating nature in his art for quite some time. Through sculptures and installations, he explores his relationship with nature romanticism, nature in museums, natural science and history, and his own experience of actual nature.

The exhibition Making Nature presents the process-based sculpture project All Birds of Sweden. The project, which the artist has been working on since 2018, will be shown here in its entirety for the first time. The extensive installation consists of 257 Swedish bird species modeled to scale in clay and then cast into candles in white stearin. Each bird has a label with the species name and is placed on a custom-made shelving system that takes up large parts of the exhibition rooms. The fragile stearin birds create a tangible materiality that evokes thoughts of impermanence.

The exhibition also shows the sculpture Echo, which corresponds to All Birds of Sweden and awakens questions concerning museums’ collections, classifications and historiography.

Museum director Annie Lindberg and curator Malin Enarsson welcome you at 18:30 in the presence of the artist. Bar and mingling in Birgit Rausing’s hall all evening.

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Fredrik Strid: Making Nature
21 mar 202422 sep 2024


'Fredrik Strid: Making Nature'