Frederikke Jul Vedelsby: Precious us
18 aug 202330 sep 2023

Frederikke Jul Vedelsby, Precious us, analogue photography, 2023, 10.0 x 15.0 cm [detail] © the artist and Matteo Cantarella, Copenhagen.

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II. v.
A puddle appears.
Things start to become unreal.
A puddle in a path.
Suddenly everything becomes unreal.
Before long we are swimming in uterine waters to the beat of a drum.
Like this we perform synchronised routines worthy of a medal.
We have summoned an experience.
She says, when I see your face and your mouth talking it reminds me of a child I once looked after.
She says she no longer remembers where or when, but she clearly remembers the child, her
mouth and her face as she spoke.
She says in these uterine waters there lurks a sense of horror, a passive blow from a sledge
hammer, a mallet, an anvil poised.

Some time passes.

You think about the body as a device for processing the external world, a conversion machine,
hoarding, transforming, discarding and stripping for parts.
The waters ripple and you receive a silent blow to the guts heaping an avalanche of meaning, of
feeling, a passive intensity with no easy way out.
You hear someone explain that to change your energy you just need to wash your hands, have a
cup of tea, or walk in nature.
You do all three.

Rebecca Collins for Frederikke Jul Vedelsby, A Cloud Above a Show (excerpt)

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Frederikke Jul Vedelsby: Precious us
18 aug 202330 sep 2023


'Frederikke Jul Vedelsby: Precious us'