ECHOOO: Gruppeudstilling
8 mar 20246 apr 2024

Carolina Echeverri – Di Mi Nombre, 2021.

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A group exhibition featuring works by Carolina Echeverri, Emilie Imàn, Inka Bell, Louise Foo, Martha Skou, Matilde Duus, Pauline Fransson, and Signe Høi.

“Only her voice and her bones remain: then, only voice; for they say that her bones were turned to stone. She hides in woods and is seen no more upon the mountain-sides; but all may hear her, for voice, and voice alone, still lives in her.”

Thus concludes the myth of Echo, the nymph from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. In the exhibition ECHOOO, the voices of eight artists resonate throughout the gallery, echoing just like in Ovid’s tale. Cursed to only echo the words of others, Echo finds herself deeply enamored with Narcissus, the beautiful youth who falls in love with his own reflection. Despite her rejection by Narcissus, Echo’s voice persists, echoing through time, even as her form fades away. Conceptually and visually, the exhibition amplifies the voices and perspectives of each artist as their works engage in a collective dialogue. Serving as a symbol of the resilience of voice, Echo’s tale embodies the potential for our voices to forge connections and guide us through the unknown, much like the echo that reverberates through vast landscapes. Upon entering the exhibition, visitors encounter a variety of artworks spanning diverse mediums and visual expressions. Each piece tells its own tale yet remains closely connected with the others.

Dette indhold er produceret i samarbejde med et udstillingssted som en del af udstillingstedets Artguide-abonnement hos
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ECHOOO: Gruppeudstilling
8 mar 20246 apr 2024


'ECHOOO: Gruppeudstilling'