Chronicles from The Apiary
15 sep 20238 okt 2023

Chronicles from The Apiary på Danske Grafikeres Hus

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For the past 6 years, I started a long-distance dialogue with my parents (Pia Krag and Silvio ‘Vito’ Torrijos) in Chile, about their labor with the bees and the land. Pia and Vito have been beekeepers for more than 35 years. Through a WhatsApp group, we exchange reflections, questions and accounts around labor, climate and care. I have listened and learned from their accounts of their work as a chronicle, moving thoughts and evolving over time.

In their work relation to these insects, I found traces of political perspectives and climate accountabilities. As many other workers of the land who engages with living beings, weather and seasons, first-hand knowledge and experience, show the direct consequences of the accelerated transformations of climate conditions and their repercussions in many aspects of life.

This exhibition has thus come together as a collaboration between Pia, Vito and me, where voice messages, videos and woodprints (made by Pia and Vito and sent from Rio Puelo in northern Patagonia) congregate in an effort to portray reflections around reproductive work in the accelerating time of climate crisis we live in.

About the artist:
Margarita del Carmen is a Chilean-Danish artist working with collaborative research in close relation with territories (rural and urban) and the people living in them. She is engaged in a critical discourse around activist strategies, natural resources and rights to land. She facilitates spaces for critical and collective learning, focusing on the creation of narratives, that can bring forth reflection and action through artistic processes. Margarita is a graduated MFA from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (2015) and is currently doing a PhD in Artistic Research at KiT, NTNU in Norway.

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Chronicles from The Apiary
15 sep 20238 okt 2023


'Chronicles from The Apiary'