Carl Krull: Trichromat
28 apr 202327 maj 2023

Carl Krull. Pressefoto, Format Artspace.

With the opening of his latest solo exhibition “Trichromat” Carl Krull ventures into new territory leaving behind his old black-and-white seismic universe and presenting us with a new series of colorful linocuts. We find ourselves in an enclosure where each of the three spatial dimensions of our world is represented by one of the three primary colors.

“Humans have evolved a trichromatic vision making us capable of perceiving the electromagnetic spectrum visually. Inside our eyes, we have receptors that detect the energy of different wavelengths. The title of the exhibition “Trichromat” refers to ourselves being mammals that perceive the three primary colors that make up our world.”

The figures that are inhabiting Krull´s topographical territories emerge from lines utilizing a striking sculptural technique that breaks open new territory. Subjects portrayed in these scenes emerge through highlighted paths resembling longitudes and latitudes. We find ourselves in an environment where persons are placed in a coordinate system where the axes X, Y, and Z are given the colors Red, Green, and Blue. The drawn line has been released from the contour of what is being portrayed and now revolves around the surface of the subject as an interstellar probe in space scanning a new world. Through the interference of the multi-colored double exposures, in an almost sculptural manner, he continues to break open the seemingly two dimensional surface portraying subjects as if caught by sonar and echolocated in space.

The exhibition “Trichromat” is Carl Krull´s second solo exhibition with Format Artspace, a gallery in the heart of Copenhagen that focuses on printmaking & multiples.

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Carl Krull: Trichromat
28 apr 202327 maj 2023


'Carl Krull: Trichromat'