6 dec 20191 feb 2020

The group exhibition presents works by Hazem Harb, Kaare Golles, Kinder Album, Nikita Shalenny and Ursula Reuter Christiansen, offering various perspectives on the representation of the human body.

As a leading Danish feminist artist Ursula Reuter Christiansen depicts the female figure to break with women’s roles in history, using her own experience as a woman, wife, and mother. Also taking a feminist approach to the theme of the body, Ukrainian artist Kinder Album depicts female bodies as changeable and multiple in the strangest, most intimate moments. Together the works provide an insight into how female identity and ideas about the female body are maintained and generated though representations and social relations.

In the collage work of Palestinian artist Hazem Harb as well as the watercolors of Ukrainian artist Nikita Shalenny, the body is depicted in a state of exile, physical and emotional displacement. Here, the body acts as an imaginative and physical mean to escape the ongoing crisis of nations. For Danish artist Kaare Golles, the body as armour or shell is seen as matter of perception and defence, his fragmented sculptural figures reflecting man’s shattered and fragmented existence in the world today.

Our bodies connect us with other bodies and our surroundings, being object to constant exchange between interior and exterior motional and emotional flux. Challenging the view on the body as solid contour or closed circuit, the exhibition explores the body as changing system through its wide range of artistic practices.



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