Bedrock 3
16 jun 202318 jun 2023

Ladder Space interør. Foto: Dominik Morgaś.

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Bedrock is the annual group exhibition of Halmtorvet 11A-F studio collective.

The exhibition is a container providing a glimpse of the current state of the studio collective. Including both current and previous members, as well as previous exhibitors of Ladder Space, the exhibition reestablishes the studio collective, whatever that means to each of us in its arbitrary state.

The premise of the exhibition is not to control or manage what the artists contribute, which means that the exhibition contains works at different stages of production, showing many facets of what can be conceived as “finished”. By continually opening up the building, the audience can peek into some of the raw processes that are going on in the stables, as well as how these are changing over time.

Bedrock refers to the foundation or bottom of a mountain; something hidden and solid from which the mountain protrudes from. Seemingly solid it is still in constant change, morphing into other shapes, affected by its surroundings and internal states.


Morten Poulsen
Dominik Morgás
Toke Højby Lorentzen
Anne Sofie Skjold Møller
Marina Dubia
Laurits Honoré Rønne
Karolina Zaborska
Kim Sandra Rask
Sara Ansofidotter
Anders Aarvik

Concert “Måske bare musik “ by Kim Sandra Rask playing with and for children from kindergarten Stjernedrys, Helsingør at the opening at 18:00.

Ladder Space

Ladder Space
Halmtorvet 11D
1700 København V


+45 25 38 03 31

Bedrock 3
16 jun 202318 jun 2023


'Bedrock 3'