Anton Funck: A Moonlit Veil
20 jan 202425 feb 2024

Anton Funck, A Touch of Forever (Blue). Unique woodcut on hand dyed 300 gr. Somerset Paper in cherry frame with Ultravue glass.

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A Moonlit Veil

An invitation
To be humiliated
An invitation
To be where your feet are
An invitation
To be seen and see
An invitation
To look again

With no head

The world
Not just for humans
Matter continuously passing through the universe
Nature is an event that never stops
Boundaries between individualities disappearing
You are the mountains and the moon
An invitation
To seek your own disappearance

Let it come

Let it go



A Moonlit Veil comprises a series of nine large-scale (236×148 cm) unique woodcuts on hand-dyed Somerset 300 gsm paper. It includes a large, singular, unique woodcut work composed of 7 elements and a smaller shaped woodcut, all created on 100 gsm Kozo paper. A ceiling installation, Moonlit Flag, hand-printed on 100 gr. Kozo paper, unifies the exhibition.

Anton Funck (b. 1992, Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. In his ever-evolving practice, Funck explores repetition and variation through various mediums and techniques including painting, collage, textiles and printmaking. Funck studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark. Recent exhibitions include, Onions, OUTPOST, Group exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2023, Alphabet of Bodies, solo exhibition, Part 2 Gallery, Oakland, USA, 2023, Against The Sun, solo exhibition, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2023, Watercolors, solo exhibition, V1 Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2022, group exhibition, Part 2 Gallery, Oakland, USA, 2022, A Letter to You and Me, solo exhibition, Paradise Gallery, Massachusetts, USA, 2022 and Antumbra, solo exhibition, OUTPOST, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2021.

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1711 København V

Tirs-fre 10-17
Lør 11-15 og efter aftale

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Anton Funck: A Moonlit Veil
20 jan 202425 feb 2024


'Anton Funck: A Moonlit Veil'