Anna Ørberg: The Dryland Conspiracy
19 aug 201617 sep 2016

The Dryland Conspiracy is thus the result of a close collaboration between Ørberg and Dryland, involving meetings with the chairwoman of the organisation Isabelle Gonzales and several of its leading members. The installation will provide a unique insight into Dryland’s dedicated critical work with the climate crisis, disclosing and mapping how disasters are social political events controlled by the privileged few.

In the press release that Dryland sent out in connection with the exhibition, the organisation writes:

“The future has been cancelled. Your future and my future have been cancelled. Every day this becomes more and more obvious to you, when you read the newspaper, watch television or look around you. You have become frustrated by the half-hearted and hypocritical attempts of politicians and companies to do something about the catastrophic course of the world. You wonder about the lack of a global initiative from those at the top of society. Why aren’t they doing anything, you ask. The international organisation Dryland has the explanation as well as the answer.”

As representative of Dryland’s Danish chapter artist Anna Ørberg will present the organisation’s findings on the opening day of her exhibition “The Dryland Conspiracy”. Furthermore, the exhibition will offer the audience the possibility to join Dryland and take part in its seminal work for the future survival of all humans on Planet Earth.”


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Anna Ørberg: The Dryland Conspiracy
19 aug 201617 sep 2016


'Anna Ørberg: The Dryland Conspiracy'