Act II: The Observatory
19 nov 202128 nov 2021

Sam Hersbach: Vluchtpoging voor vangbeweging door gevleugelde vingers en steekhouding, 2018

For our second exhibition, we have invited a group of artists to engage with each other in the group show Act II: The Observatory.
The focus for this group exhibition is artists that in one way or another act as magnifying glasses within their own range, the artists here peek from both directions: magnifying and reducing depending on the position we choose to partake in. It seems there is a special engagement with the realm questioning fact vs. fiction.

Performance schedule:

19/11 – Dionysios Argyropoulos Ioannou aka Dynno Dada (1994, GRE), will perform at 17.00. The performance will only take place once.

Daniel Cabrillos Jacobsen (1996, DK)
Ayesha Ghaoul (1994, GB)
Maxime Favre (1991, CH)
Helene Norup Due (1994, DK)
Sam Hersbach (1995, NL)
Andrew Joseph Long (1996, USA)
Dionysios Argyropoulos Ioannou aka Dynno Dada (1994, GRE)


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tir-søn 12-18

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'Act II: The Observatory'