Zven Balslev: Lundtoftegade
16 nov 201822 dec 2018

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Marie Kirkegaard presents Lundtoftegade by Zven Balslev. This is Balslev’s third solo show at the gallery, and this time he invites us into his most immediate, most intimate surroundings in a new series of paintings all set at his home in Lundtoftegade at Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

Værk af Zven Balslev

We mostly know Zven Balslev from his strong characteristic drawings and graphic art, as he among else has shown us in his previous exhibition at the gallery, where he draws from a wide range of references to underground comics, psychedelic horror and literary as well as biblical quotes. Unlike these works, that often tends to stress the macabre and the violent in a fictitious dystopian world, the new series from Lundtoftegade reveal a new side of Balslev. They are wonderful paintings contemplating on the nature of time, perception, and memory in a way that somehow pay attention to the subtle, quite moments in life. It’s about the origin of artistic ideas, especially finding inspiration in the things that are closest to you: your home, your family in your everyday life.

Zven Balslev’s Lundtoftegade series are interior paintings mixed with abstract pastos-like colored elements. As such, Balslev are also commenting on the ways and means of painting, while reviewing the glories of Modernist masters as Munch and John Christensen, as it is clear that Balslev’s interest lies more in the impression and metaphors of the interior of home, than the actual appearance of it.

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Zven Balslev: Lundtoftegade
16 nov 201822 dec 2018


'Zven Balslev: Lundtoftegade'