Tin Foil
11 okt 20199 nov 2019

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Marie Kirkegaard is pleased to present Tin Foil. A cultural and intellectual forum and a t-shirt brand with a political agenda initiated and curated by Danish artist Jesper Dalgaard.

Claus Ejner: Fremtiden, 2019. Pressefoto.

The Tin Foil agenda strives to think in new ways of organizing, creating a vital and progressive hybrid between capitalism, art, design, politics and activism. It’s a people’s movement lead by artists, poets and musicians making their comments to the world today in statements and visual expressions printed on the Tin Foil t-shirts.

The Tin Foil exhibition gathers all the voices together by showing the Tin Foil t-shirts made so far in relation to original works by the artists behind the statements. By doing this we strive to build a new platform for a free and open conversation, that will create a foundation for new thoughts and ideas.

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'Tin Foil'