Thierry Geoffroy: TOO LATE
26 apr 201915 jun 2019

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Sabsay has announced the opening of TOO LATE, a solo exhibition by Thierry Geoffroy, unfolding the idea of ‘delay’ in probing the position of the artist in today’s society. Through his underground strategies of creating and exhibiting artworks in real-time, Geoffroy reflects upon artists’ impact and capability of expressing about urgent social and political matters.

Thierry Geoffroy, TOO LATE, 5/12 2015, akryl på lærred, 90 x 70 cm. Stillet til rådighed af kunstneren og Sabsay. Pressefoto.
Thierry Geoffroy, TOO LATE, 5/12 2015, akryl på lærred, 90 x 70 cm. Stillet til rådighed af kunstneren og Sabsay. Pressefoto.

Geoffroy’s second exhibition at Sabsay marks a new chapter in the artist’s practice, in which his reflection on pressing changes that society faces today has become even more alarming than ever. While matters as climate change and global ongoing wars seem to have reached their point of no return, Geoffroy has reached a turning point in his practice: “At this point I am perhaps more pessimistic. Maybe gesticulating and calling for action is unuseful, maybe it is too late, or maybe the too late is the final call, a last chance, a last tentative for alarm. Maybe the TOO LATE is a new strategy to raise awareness about the imminent alerts,” the artists states.

Like in Geoffroy’s first exhibition at Sabsay Always Question the Structure in 2017, the idea is for the artists in TOO LATE to be ahead of time, informing society about the concerns they encounter without hesitation or deferment. “We are honoured to present the second exhibition with Thierry Geoffroy at Sabsay. In Always Question the Structure in the spring of 2017, Geoffroy took us on an introductory tour, demonstrating his talent of prediction and precision of insight in his artistic comment to Documenta. This time the artist presents us with the final warning to take him seriously”, says Masha Faurschou, founder of Sabsay.

Entrusting the artist the sensibility and role of predicting and preventing accidents, Geoffroy reflects upon the artist’s ability of being in advance of coming emergencies in society in the exhibition. “TOO LATE is more than a final warning; it is a trigger button, the alarm for one to awake from the unconscious and unquestioned ways in life. Why not make today the time to reassess, rethink, revaluate the everyday choices we make out of habit or convenience. Thierry Geoffroy is the master of the “emergency art” and we hope to be ultimately instrumental at channelling his unique talent to the global audience”, Masha Faurschou concludes.

Many might remember Geoffroy’s tireless attempt to involve artists, NGOs and the public in the common project Artistes de Garde HQ during the climate conference COP 15 through his performative interventions, meetings and exhibitions.

About Thierry Geoffroy
Thierry Geoffroy (b. 1961) – also known under his artist alias ‘Colonel’ – is a French artist, living in Copenhagen, Denmark. He is a format artist, developing art formats, working with a wide variety of media including video and installations.

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Thierry Geoffroy: TOO LATE
26 apr 201915 jun 2019


'Thierry Geoffroy: TOO LATE'