The Curatorial Thing: The Curator is the Weather
1 okt 202010 okt 2020

SixtyEight Art Institute is very happy to announce the following list of artists, designers, curators, and cultural organisers coming to Copenhagen to participate in our next independent curatorial intensive program, The Curatorial Thing. Organised under the theme The Curator is the Weather, our programme aims to examine the various pedagogies of climate change that are emerging and shaping cultural production at the intersection with art, science, and global crises. The 1-9 October, 2020 meeting period will be shaped by workshops between the participants and invited lecturers; site and studio visits; and evening speaker or lecture-based events open to the general public, which will be held at the Social Sciences Faculty Library building of the University of Copenhagen. The Evening program of public lectures will be released in September.

The Curator is the Weather, organised by SixtyEight Art Institute

Ilethia Sharp
Independent Curator (United States).

Ana Baumann
Artist, Photographer and Cultural Manager (Paraguay).

Oscar Salguero
Designer, Researcher and Curator (United States/Peru).

Tereza Záchová
Independent Curator and Curator at Galerie 35m2 in Prague (Czech Republic).

Catherine Sarah Young
Artist, Writer, and PhD candidate, University of New South Wales, Australia. (Philippines).

Catherine Langer
Architect and former Curatorial Assistant for the Danish Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2021 (Denmark).

Jessica Bennett
Independent Curator (UK).

Henrik Lübker
PhD and Curator at the Hans Christian Andersen Museum (Denmark).

Madeleine Andersson
Artist, MA candidate, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark (Sweden).

Heidi Hart
PhD, Environmental Art Educator, Researcher, and Curator (United States).

Marija Griniuk
Artist, PhD candidate, University of Lapland, Finland. (Lithuania).

Beatrice Alvestad Lopez
Artist, MA candidate, CRAFT Ädellab Konstfack Stockholm (Fall 2020) (Norway).

Malou Solfjeld
Independent Curator, and former Curator at CCA Andratx, Mallorca (Denmark).

Anna Walther
Artist and Co-founder of Center for New Nordic Materialism (Denmark).

Kirke Meng
Artist and Co-founder of Center for New Nordic Materialism (Denmark).


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The Curatorial Thing: The Curator is the Weather
1 okt 202010 okt 2020


'The Curatorial Thing: The Curator is the Weather'