Tal R: Sølvbryn
23 aug 202321 okt 2023

Tal R, Fald, sky og vulkan, 201 x 183 cm

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Galleri Bo Bjerggaard is proud to present Silver Eyebrow, an exhibition by Tal R opening 23 August 2023.

Over the last four years, Tal R has exclusively been showing his work in museums – at the Glyptotek, at Ordrupgaard and, most recently, with Mamma Andersson, at Kunsten i Aalborg. Now, the artist is showing new works at Galleri Bo Bjerggaard.

The exhibition presents big oil paintings, collages, drawings, monotypes, and woodcuts. Like everything Tal R does, they show his liberating and experimental approach to the language of shape and colour, focusing here on collage techniques and creative processes. Erik Steffensen describes the works in the exhibition catalogue:

“Studying one of Tal R’s paintings is like studying a unique language. He doesn’t speak in code or in tongues, but there’s a palpable rhythm in his pictures and his way of painting that’s linked to expression in language. His work shows care and emotion, presumably from a wish to make himself understandable, despite the inherent impossibility of that project. After all, aren’t pictures made to express what can’t be expressed in spoken or written language? Tal R works on the boundaries of visual language, as if his colourful panels could show us something we may have forgotten or undervalued. The beauty of a forest or the scenic reality of a landscape. In green, yellow, rose or silver. In brown and violet. Paintings on a silver ground. And colours that live on the paintedplane.”

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Tal R: Sølvbryn
23 aug 202321 okt 2023


'Tal R: Sølvbryn'