Silas Inoue: l∞p
9 jan 202015 feb 2020

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TABLEAU presents l∞p a solo exhibition by Silas Inoue. The exhibition presents a sticky, yet mesmerizing aesthetic of immortality, situated in an undetermined stage between biology, technology and religion.

Silas Inoue: Future Friture.

For a long time, the idea of immortality has occupied man – ever since the earliest religions, to the present day, where rapidly growing technologies make prospects of eternal life seem plausible. Influenced by our yearnings and fears of the infinite, the exhibition wavers between bliss and existential claustrophobia. Sugar-made organisms as well as disassembled computers are sunken into cooking oil, and animated deities intertwine with TABLEAU’s ritualistic flower arrangements, specifically made for the exhibition. TABLEAU and Silas Inoue both incorporate in their work the concept of life and growing organisms. Working with flowers is ephemeral while Silas’s focuses on the concept of immortality. In that way, the artist’s work and TABLEAU’s universe resonate.

Inoue’s work is based on an idiosyncratic approach to nature and humanity – concepts that he considers inseparable. In his drawings, videos, sculptures and installations, he combines analytical observations of the world with intuition and figments of imagination. He describes the style as “quasi-Asian”, with reference to his half eastern and half western origin. The concept of “l∞p” is according to Inoue “like a snake eating its own tail – a fantasy of self-preservation in the age of ecological collapse and pending catastrophes.”

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Silas Inoue: l∞p
9 jan 202015 feb 2020


'Silas Inoue: l∞p'