Sarah Miska & Andy Woll: Sign of Equestrian
15 jul 202322 okt 2023

Sarah Miska: High Stakes Study, 2023. Pressefoto.

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CCA Andratx is pleased to announce Sign of Equestrian, an exhibition of drawings by Sarah Miska and paintings by Andy Woll, which will be on view from July 15 through October 22, 2023.

The artists, who both live and work in Los Angeles, California, make horses their primary motif—to vastly different effect.

Miska focuses on the culture of horse racing. She works from photographs to render fine details of the animals, their riders, and affiliated adornments: Jockey silks, riding pants, horse “blinders,” and helmets all appear throughout her compositions. The artist captures these elements in her intricate pen and ink drawings, which display careful cross hatchings and a keen application of light and shadow.

The works’ apparent texture and materiality give them a timeless quality; they simultaneously evoke storybook illustrations and contemporary media. Metaphor quickly emerges as Miska’s intricately wrought, pristine surfaces give way to images that suggest the dirt and libidinal energies bound up in equestrian sport.

Throughout his career, Woll has painted the same subject matter again and again. His broad, textured brush strokes privilege memory, tactility, and iteration over photorealistic likeness. Diego Velázquez’s famed painting Las Meninas (1656) and southern California’s Mount Wilson have both received Woll’s devotional treatment.

When he’s not in his studio, the artist tends horses and competes as a show jumper. His care for his own animals finds its way onto his canvases, where he paints one horse after another, in hues ranging from chestnut to saturated red. Sometimes Woll adds a shadow or a dual-tone backdrop. Yet these individual elements are subservient to the artist’s larger project: He works alla prima, laying down one brushstroke after another, one canvas after the next, to find infinite variation in a simple, familiar form.

While Miska and Woll approach artmaking and equestrian culture from divergent perspectives, their paired works suggest vibrant new terrain for an age-old, vernacular theme.

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Sarah Miska & Andy Woll: Sign of Equestrian
15 jul 202322 okt 2023


'Sarah Miska & Andy Woll: Sign of Equestrian'