PRESENCEANCE #2 – GLITCH: Gisa Pantel (DE) & Inga Krüger (DE)
2 apr 20179 apr 2017



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@ Future Suburban Contemporary

Havdrupvej 52, 2700 Brønshøj, Copenhagen

(open on request 2. -9. April – call: +45 50326966 to make a appointment)



The Newspaper Duck
Long before everyone started talking about fake news,

there was a pre-historic creature,

entangled in multiple realities.
This living fossil has humor.

It speaks various languages

and borrows its costume

to many a player around the globe.
It is as local as it is international.

It is all the colors of the rainbow.

It is sharp and it is smooth.
At some point everyone of us tried to pull a tooth

with a string attached to a door handle

– and it never worked for anyone.
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Artistic Comment:
Inga Krüger and Gisa Pantel

continue their collaborative work.
Half exhibition / half event.
First they gonna make a claim,

then they gonna confuse everyone,

but in the end,

everyone will be convinced

and agree

and it will be impossible to imagine it any other way.

Everyone’s gonna laugh at the truth of the past,


“Remember what we used to believe?

What fools we were!”

There’s gonna be relief




FSC are so super excited to present

this german duo to you all,

and we hope to CU all there.

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curated / organized by

Jens Ivar Kjetså / Future Suburban Contemporary

this exhibition is supported by: STATENS KUNSTFOND

Kilde: FSC

PRESENCEANCE #2 – GLITCH: Gisa Pantel (DE) & Inga Krüger (DE)
2 apr 20179 apr 2017


'PRESENCEANCE #2 – GLITCH: Gisa Pantel (DE) & Inga Krüger (DE)'