Pauline Fransson: Du krypande kropp
10 jun 20229 jul 2022

Sidste chance
Pauline Fransson: Kroppar, 2022. Pressefoto.

Pauline Fransson is a painter. Her works are inspired by her own immediate surroundings near her studio and home in Småland. She identifies a kinship between nature and the sensitive and impressionable body, expressed as a shared fragility. Nature is body and the body is nature.

Created by means of a special combination of egg tempera and oil paint, the images have a simultaneously saturated and transparent quality – both blurry and clear. But Fransson’s representations of embedded memories are underpinned by another layer: an exploration of how the medium of paint resists the artist, answering back. She sees no purpose in mastering the medium completely. Quite the contrary, Fransson embraces and acknowledges the inherent power and agency of the paint itself. In doing so, she contrasts the narrative conveyed by the landscape, the registering movement of her own body and its embedded memories of such movements with the chemical reactions in the paint and the joining of paint and canvas.

To Fransson, the main subject of her art concerns the tensions between the body, nature and painting. The narrative presented in the depictions is less important; it is just the lure that entices us in to look at the picture. Up close, we can then observe the actual struggle between the artist’s registering and gesturing body, the material’s willingness and agency as it creates its own counter-narrative to that of the artist. An event that can only be fully unfolded when the audience move in front of the works, giving and receiving.

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Pauline Fransson: Du krypande kropp
10 jun 20229 jul 2022


'Pauline Fransson: Du krypande kropp'