Other Rooms, Louder Noises
17 sep 201615 okt 2016

In the double exhibition, Other Rooms, Louder Noises, Erik A. Frandsen and Anders Brinch – two contemporary, figurative painters with very different approaches to style, technique and subject matter – are welded together in a seemingly incongruous collaboration.

Anders Brinch: Fine Dining, 2016
Anders Brinch: Fine Dining, 2016

Anders Brinch explores the underbelly of life through a highly symbolic language that reveals a disturbing yet fascinating view on society and nature with man and beast as complimentary, albeit somewhat unwitting protagonists. An effervescent mixture of high-octane colours, craftsmanship and cheeky defiance, Brinch’s paintings have a peculiar way of hailing each individual observer, demanding their immediate attention.

Far from the quasi-psychedelic landscapes of Brinch’s dreamy tropicalism, Erik A. Frandsen embraces the mundane and familiar, as floral compositions and everyday-objects from the living room are distorted, emphasized, hidden or recoloured to create a new meaning, a new figurative dimension, where depictions are representations – ideas of objects – rather than the actual objects themselves.

In Other Rooms, Louder Noises, each artist’s defining attributes are highlighted in the presence of the other, and the individual works take on new roles as soft-glowing counterpoints in an intimate painter’s tête-à-tête.

The works in Other Rooms, Louder Noises are taken from two separate exhibitions: Diamond Souls by Anders Brinch, which was on display at KIKshh in Roskilde in May 2016; and The Siege Of… by Erik A. Frandsen, which ran at Himmerlands Kunstmuseum from April until early September 2016.

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Other Rooms, Louder Noises
17 sep 201615 okt 2016


'Other Rooms, Louder Noises'