Marina Pinsky: Undertow
28 aug 202116 okt 2021

International Fixed Calendar League Archives, IISG, Amsterdam. Pressefoto.

“In the exhibition Undertow, artist Marina Pinsky extracts and shapes content from calendars, charts, cartographical diagrams and other utilitarian schemes for measuring and altering space, time and everything in between. Inspired by Simian’s specific location in Ørestad, under a man- made pond in this newly-built district which was formerly a nature preserve, Pinsky chose to focus on the theme of water as a construction and unifying subject of the works on view. These works act as signposts, pointing to the absurdity of ordering life in relation to the logic of industry”
– Shirin Sabahi

Kilde: Simian


Kay Fiskers Plads 17
ved Ørestad Metro station
2300 København S


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Marina Pinsky: Undertow
28 aug 202116 okt 2021


'Marina Pinsky: Undertow'