Malte Frej Linnebjerg: Mon-Aural
28 apr 202328 maj 2023

Malte Frej Linnebjerg: Untitled – (Road to nowhere). Foto: Courtesy of the artist.


Under no circumstances will they be able to not shop. They inhabit mandatorily casual flats and mandatorily well-intentioned mindsets and with their steady income they’re destined for apologetic ownership of high-end craft. Various en vogue conversation topics are being treated with impeccable care as they browse through showrooms or sunlit flea markets. They’re on the lookout for significant surfaces and textures while their concerns are global: they’re very much aware that they cannot just care about their aesthetic hobbies. They enjoy sports in a moderate, in-depth-podcast-listening way and they also enjoy design as a mode of expression to easily crave and admire, this is why they’re always able to attend dinner parties with a committing grace. They’re not downright polished but no edges are raw. The serum segment.

People climb mountains because it is a difficult task. They take delight in overcoming obstacles.
The obstacles in climbing a mountain are physical. A climb to a summit means:
endurance, persistence and willpower.
– Google

Destination: A black lake in a naked forest in a frozen afternoon in a reliable welfare state. Lucky northern forests thrive and lucky northern citizens thrive, and no amount of lowkey tents pitched in ideally shaded pine glades will probably make up for the fact that lovely gear prevail over existential realizations. This lake is echoing with peace, it is an obvious setting for cultivating solitude and weren’t loneliness and imagination always interwoven. Strong solo heads bursting with concealed anxiety makes lighting a fire the only solution for any evening. Fires demand being looked at in contemplation, and this action works well with uttering no words. They grill their fish under a glass-colored sunset, it all looks very beautiful and they alternately cherish and curse this setup. The unspoken-ness is inevitable. Discussions and fights and emotional elaboration seem to be equally challenging, but landscapes always forgive.

A summit meeting is an international meeting of heads of state or government, usually with considerable media exposure, tight security, and a prearranged agenda. Notable summit meetings. include those of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin during World War II.
– Google

They apparently don’t have a hard time making decisions. They search and search in order to improve and improve and the blurred outline of a goal might exist, but it’s certainly not possible/satisfying to fully reach it. Their language is infused with function and logic, it is a civilian language particularly suited to never really disclose anything. Flawless suits during the week, charging countryside batteries on weekends behind multiple shades. Of course, they’re tired and their visions are decreasing too, but something sprouts in their milky eyes when they face potential victory. Tempo is God. Getting up there is not easy and we will adore and desire and chase them for their mute attempts until monoliths sincerely soften.

Text authored by Nanna Friis.

Stereo Exchange

Mariendalsvej 52A,
2000 Frederiksberg

Lør-søn 13-16

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Malte Frej Linnebjerg: Mon-Aural
28 apr 202328 maj 2023


'Malte Frej Linnebjerg: Mon-Aural'